Focus Awards Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technology (RQF)

Focus Awards Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technology (RQF)

(QRN – 601/6474/8)  

Qualification Overview

The Focus Awards Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technology (RQF) is aimed at those learners wishing to develop their practical skills in providing manicure and pedicure treatments and applying and maintaining nail enhancements.

Qualification Structure

Learners must achieve 6 mandatory units totalling 39 credits. A minimum of 12 credits must be achieved from the remaining optional units to create a total credit value for this qualification of 51 credits.

Learner Entry Requirements

Learners should be competent in literacy and numeracy to help with elements of communication. This is at the discretion of the centre as they may decide to use diagnostic testing methods to ascertain how they can support learners.

Progression Routes

Learners wishing to progress from this qualification can undertake the following qualifications:

Age Ranges

Learners should be a minimum of 16 years old to undertake this qualification.

Geographical Coverage

This qualification has been accredited for use in England and Northern Ireland.

Qualification Specification

To view the Qualification Specification please click here.

Unit Title Unit Ref Level GLH Credit
Monitor and maintain health and safety practice in the salon R/600/8780 3 29 4
Apply and maintain nail enhancements A/601/4444 3 111 15
Provide manicure treatments T/601/4569 2 48 5
Provide pedicure treatments R/601/4448 2 48 5
Maintaining Personal Health and Well being D/600/8779 3 60 7
Client care and communication in beauty-related industries T/601/4457 3 28 3
Airbrush designs for nails L/601/3931 3 22 4
Display stock to promote sales in a salon J/600/8761 2 24 3
Promote products and services to clients in a salon T/600/8769 2 28 3
Enhance nails using electric files T/601/5334 3 29 3
Design and apply Nail Art K/601/4794 3 39 5


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