Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to provide you with high quality resources and materials for each of the non-regulated qualification subject matter areas listed below. They may be used to enhance your own bespoke course delivery, and are available at very competitive prices.

The materials have been written to a very high standard and closely reflect those produced commercially for similar subject areas in the regulated sector.

We can’t download an E-certificate, can you send this to us?

When you are downloading E-Certificates, we advise ensuring that you take extra care when it comes to storing them. Once you have downloaded a certificate, you won’t be able to download it again for a second time.Each time an E-certificate is lost, our Support team have to spend a lot of time processing a new E-certificate, the occasional time is ok however, should this be frequent administration fees will apply.

I’ve paid an invoice but it is still pending, what can I do to speed up this process?

Please check that you have included the invoice number in the payment reference number, this will speed up processing times.If your centre name and the name of the account are different, in the reference include the centre name along with the invoice number within the payment reference number. Unfortunately, our finance team don’t work with centres and won’t know all of the different names a centre may be recognised as.

We can’t log into our account?

If you can’t log in, firstly try to reset your password by selecting “Forgot Password” of the Qualitas login dashboard. You will need to include the centres username following submission an email will be sent to the main account holder. Follow the steps in the email to reset the password.

I can’t request certificates and my learner registrations are highlighted, what do I do?

As always, learners should be registered no later than 20% complete or within 3 months of enrolment at the latest. Once registered learners are placed into a pending area where they will remain for a minimum of 4 weeks.

I’ve submitted some sampling to the EQA team, when will this be ready?

Sampling can take 7-10 working days or EQA’s work hard to ensure it is kept within this timeframe however, should documents be missing or an EQA visit is required this can take longer than the time frame provided.

How do we change our main account holder on Qualitas?

You can update all of your centre details within your Qualitas account, just head over to “My Centre”.

How long do certificates take?

Certifications can take 3-7 working days. E-Certificates are often processed within 24 working hours. If you are interested in moving over to E-Certificates speak to your dedicated Centre Support Assistant.

What do I need to do to edit a learner’s name, there’s a spelling mistake on their certificate?

this can be updated on your account. Qualitas account simply head over to “RQF” or “FQP” and select “Qualifications”. Within the drop-down menu you will need to select “View Learners”. With each learner you can view their registration details, you will also have the option to edit the registration.

How do I update our centre address?

You can update all of your centre details within your Qualitas account, just head over to “My Centre”.

How long does it take to become an approved centre?

Centre approval on can take between 7 – 10 working days.

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