What Our Centres Have to say

Since becoming an approved Focus Awards Centre I have been impressed with their forward thinking, modern approach to managing centres. I have found our EQA, Alison, very supportive and on the same page as us, which is a massive positive. We are a fast growing Training Provider and I find Focus are helping cater for us as we scale.

Ben – Uk Sports Training

We would like to thank and recommend Focus Awards as one of the best awarding bodies we have had the pleasure of working alongside. Focus Awards are more than accommodating to support in the provision of quality qualifications, working with training providers to support delivery with resources, smooth operations and hassle-free working practices.

Ryan – Ignite Academy & Training

Excellent customer service and great feedback from the External Quality Assurer which has helped improve the standard of our assessment practice.

Lawrence – QualsSkills

Moving to Focus Awards was the perfect next step for my business. Focus gave me the incentive and the freedom to develop my qualifications to suit the ever-changing needs of my target market. My best-selling qualifications are now bespoke and reflect the knowledge and experience of the entire GXT team. The simple fact that I can update my course content enables GXT to react quickly as the industry changes and gives me ultimate confidence as a training provider. My monthly spend with Focus Awards allows me to invest in my business which has seen profits grow and awareness increase. I would recommend Focus Awards to any training provider who has experience and wants to develop their own content, expand their business and cultivate an independent business profile.

Jayne – Group X Training

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