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Focus on Quality Provision (FQP)

Introducing FQP – Focus on Quality Provision…

How would you like to have the freedom to develop non-regulated qualifications that meet the specific needs and requirements of your learners? You can!

You just need to apply to become a Focus Awards Approved Centre. Our Focus on Quality Provision (FQP) endorsement offers Approved Centres the facility to get their own bespoke, specialist, or CPD courses accredited by Focus Awards.

Bespoke Qualifications are uniquely designed and tailored for your organisation. If you have training needs with measurable learning outcomes and assessment criteria, but they don’t fit into the regulated qualification framework, then you can design and create them in-house through your own specialist knowledge and expertise. We can help with the process if you need it (hint: we develop qualifications every day!), and we’ll validate them for you in accordance with our quality criteria. Your organisation decides on content and makes the judgement call on levels of achievement – after all, you’re the subject matter experts. Better still, you retain all ownership and intellectual property rights; they’re YOUR qualifications.

The approval process is simple and can take just 7 days as long as you meet the approval criteria. You can apply online here. Following your application to offer FQP, we review your management systems and internal quality assurance arrangements.

This satisfies us you have robust systems in place to develop your qualifications and materials, together with appropriately qualified staff to assess and quality assure your provision. By endorsing non-regulated qualifications for our Approved Centres, we help learners choose products and learning providers that have been through a rigorous quality assurance process.

On successful completion of an FQP endorsed non-regulated qualification, learners are awarded a Certificate of Achievement that evidences and demonstrates the new skills, knowledge, and competence your learners have achieved by training with you. It helps them gain a sense of achievement, and reassures them their hard work is worthwhile and valued.

Their certificate shows others they have achieved a qualification requiring dedication, hard work, and subject matter knowledge. The certificates carry your logo as well as that of Focus Awards, validating the quality of your training.

Focus on Quality Provision Policies and procedures 

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