Qualification Development

Our team of ‘in-house’ experts across multiple sectors excels in the development of new qualifications and is dedicated to the continuous maintenance (updating), improvement, and expansion of our Qualification Catalogue.

So, what is involved in the creation and development of a new qualification?

  1. We build a business case for each qualification prior to starting development, following rigorous research, validation, and quality control process.
  2. Once the business case has been thoroughly evaluated and tested, we conduct reviews and probe validity before a decision is reached to progress with development.
  3. The team collaborates with industry and sector experts to create and develop the qualification. The time frame for this typically ranges from 5 to 12 months dependent on the size and level of qualification.
  4. Qualifications so developed are subjected to further reviews to determine they are fit for purpose before submitting for regulation.

Centres often request the development of a new qualification that is not yet available. If you have such a requirement that you believe would be an asset to either our catalog or a relevant sector, please complete the request form and return it to info@focusawards.org.uk

The qualification and intellectual property rights will be owned by Focus Awards.

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