Administration is crucial to all businesses and indeed to any organisation needing discipline and structure to its processes and procedures. The ‘backroom’ staff in most companies are the unsung heroes keeping everything orderly and running smoothly. It’s true to say that administration underpins all enterprises, from one person operations to multinational conglomerates.

Qualifications are a great way to standardise the office environment, ensuring individuals in companies within different sectors and industries follow a ‘common’ set of practices understood and replicated in customer service and office based activities everywhere.

Focus Awards has developed over 200 qualifications across 11 sectors, with 12 of them applicable to administrative operations and teaching principles that are almost universally relevant.

The list below represents the current range of qualifications offered within this sector. We always have capacity for more; see the note at the end of the list if you feel we’ve missed something…

Current Qualification List

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