Welcome To Carer’s Week

As it is carer’s week, we are taking the time to recognise and appreciate the incredible work that carers do every day. Carers Week is an annual event that brings attention to the needs of carers and the contributions they make to society.

Here at Focus Awards, we are dedicating this week to Health and Social Care. As an awarding body, we are emphasising the importance of the Health Care sector by providing new centres with the chance of free approval when applying to deliver Health and Social Care qualifications (T&C apply).

Health and Social Care enables development opportunities as well as Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  Both are important and highly valued within the NHS and Carers. It enables progression and ensures staff are up to date with relevant skills, knowledge and regulations to maintain patient safety.

Once you study for healthcare role, it is easy to develop further skills in different specialist areas to progress further. Working in Health Care you make sure a massive difference in individuals’ lives which will naturally give you job satisfaction and it is rewarding and fulfilling.

We offer a wide range of qualifications in the Health and Social Care sector. If you are looking into offering or already offer Health and Social Care qualifications, then look no further than Focus Awards. With a trained Psychotherapist and two Registered Social Workers on our management team, our Health and Social Care qualifications constitute one of our strongest sectors. We’ve developed qualifications in most disciplines key to Centres and their learners in this complex arena, particularly those practising in the caring and therapeutic professions.

Why would you look anywhere else?

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