Focus Awards Level 3 Diploma in Playwork (NVQ) (RQF)

Focus Awards Level 3 Diploma in Playwork (NVQ) (RQF)

QRN – 601/7888/7                                                          Fee £79


Qualification Overview

The purpose of the Focus Awards Level 3 Diploma in Playwork (NVQ) (RQF) is to develop the learner’s skills, knowledge, and understanding of the principles of playwork, including safeguarding and promoting positive relationships. The qualification will also cover playwork values, the importance of play, and playwork in children’s and young people’s lives. The Focus Awards Level 3 Diploma in Playwork (NVQ) (RQF) is aimed at those learners who are working in, or wish to progress to, a senior role in playwork settings. Where learners are already working in a playwork setting this qualification could be undertaken to consolidate and extend your knowledge, understanding, and skills.

Qualification Structure

Learners must achieve 46 credits from the 13 mandatory units and a minimum of 19 credits from the 11 optional units totalling 65 credits.

Learner Entry Requirements

Learners should be competent in literacy and numeracy to help with elements of communication. This is at the discretion of the centre as they may decide to use diagnostic testing methods to ascertain how they can support learners.

Progression Routes

Learners wishing to progress from this qualification can undertake the following qualifications:

Age Ranges

Learners should be a minimum of 18 years old to undertake this qualification.

Geographical Coverage

This qualification has been accredited for use in England and Northern Ireland.

Qualification Specification

To view the Qualification Specification please click here.

Unit Title

Unit Ref

Level GLH Credit
Understand How to Safeguard the Wellbeing of Children and Young People Y/601/1695 3 25 3
Understand How to Support Positive Outcomes for Children and Young People M/601/1699 3 25 3
Understand Children and Young People’s Self-Directed Play L/602/1799 3 35 5
Understand Relationships in the Play Environment  A/602/1801 3 20 3
Understand Health, Safety and Security in the Play Environment F/602/1802 3 15 2
Understand How to Plan for and Support Children and Young People’s Self-Directed Play J/602/1803 3 40 5
Contribute to an organisational framework that reflects the needs and protects the rights of children and young people L/602/1804 3 30 4
Develop and maintain a healthy, safe and secure play environment for children and young people R/602/1805 3 25 3
Develop and promote positive relationships in a play environment Y/602/1806 3 22 3
Plan for and support children and young people’s self-directed play D/602/1807 3 30 4
Understand Playwork Principles J/602/1798 3 35 4
Engage in personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings A/601/1429 3 10 3
Work with colleagues in a playwork team J/602/1834 3 65 10
Engage with parents, carers and families in a play environment L/602/1835 3 65 10
Administer playwork provision R/602/1836 3 60 8
Inclusive play, working with disabled children and young people Y/602/1837 4 79 11
Promote own organisation in the community D/602/1838 3 85 13
Contribute to evaluating, developing and promoting services H/602/1839 4 85 11
Organise and supervise travel Y/602/1840 3 45 7
Manage a budget D/602/1841 3 85 11
Recruit, select and keep colleagues H/602/1842 5 85 12
Provide learning opportunities for colleagues K/602/1843 4 85 11
Allocate and monitor the progress and quality of work in own area of responsibility M/602/1844 4 95 14

Child Development and wellbeing