What are bespoke qualifications?

Would you like to develop bespoke qualifications that meet the requirements of your learners?

You can! You just need to apply to become a Focus Awards Approved Centre. Our Focus on Quality Provision (FQP) Scheme offers Approved Centres the facility to get their own bespoke qualifications, specialist or CPD courses endorsed by Focus Awards.

Our Focus on Quality Provision (FQP) Scheme provides Quality Assurance to a training provider’s bespoke, or CPD, qualifications. Qualifications endorsed under the FQP Scheme are not nationally recognised, and therefore do not accrue credits on the RQF. However, successful completion of an FQP endorsed qualification will result in a ‘Focus Awards Certificate of Achievement being awarded which will specify the subject matter that has been studied.

The approval process is simple and can take just 7 days as long as you meet the approval criteria. We do require copies of staff CVs, certificates and copies of policies and procedures, if you could attach these with the application form we can start the approval process.

To become an Approved Centre under the Focus Awards FQP Scheme, simply download and complete the FQP Centre Recognition Application Form that you can find on the website or call us on  0333 3447 388 to speak to someone about it. You can also email info@focusawards.org.uk.

On successful completion of an FQP endorsed non-regulated qualification, learners are awarded a Certificate of Achievement that evidences and demonstrates they have achieved a qualification that requires dedication, hard work, and subject matter knowledge.

We look forward to welcoming you as a Focus Awards Approved Centre!

To find more information please visit the website https://www.focusawards.org.uk/about/


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