VLE/Qualitas Integration

We have just completed the long-awaited integration of Qualitas with our market leading VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) system, iLearnitEasy.

“So what?”, we hear you ask.

Well, in a nutshell, it’s a massive benefit and timesaver for our Centres, and helps reduce much of the tedious administration we’ve all come to love and cherish (not).

As you know, all our Centres use Qualitas, and some have also been using our innovative VLE to run and administrate their training courses.

Until now, the two standalone systems have been unable to communicate with each other, which has meant you entering duplicate details on each in many cases.

The integration means that you only have to enter these details once.Now, if you also use iLearnitEasy, the following admin operations will be picked up by Qualitas as well:

  1. If you register a learner on the VLE, that learner is also automatically registered on Qualitas.
  2. When you assign an Assessor/IQA to qualifications on the VLE those qualifications on Qualitas also pick up their details.
  3. When you mark a learner as “completed” on the VLE, it generates an automatic request for sampling/certification.
  4. If you withdraw (delete) a learner on the VLE, Qualitas automatically withdraws them too and, where applicable, issues a credit.
  5. If an FQP course is created on iLearnitEasy, the details are automatically sent through to Qualitas for approval.

In accordance with the Japanese principle of kaizen, our continuous improvement process ensures that as the integrated system evolves, new adjustments and simplifications steadily reduce administration.

We relentlessly pursue our drive to deliver better and higher value operations for you, our commercial partners.

If you have a pet “niggle” we can alleviate for you, or you have any new ideas to improve our service, let us know! We always operate on the premise that we have twice as many ears as mouths…

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