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We are now well into the 21st-century. Everything is Digital. Recording anything of any substance digitally is the only sensible way forward today. Pen and paper is just “so last century, darling.”

Information management, including easy (and secure) access and retrieval of data, is key to success in every area of our lives, both business and domestic. Crikey – we even have passwords for the fridge and garden shed these days!

To safeguard our clients’, customers’ and Centres’ data we have invested heavily in purpose-built software systems that live securely online (‘in the cloud’).

Our systems give you and your learners secure 24-hour access from anywhere with an Internet connection, which makes it quick and easy for you to deal with us, and just as straightforward for your learners to communicate with you.


You register all your learners and request their certificates through Qualitas, our secure online portal.

The portal also provides a comprehensive “audit trail” of all your dealings with us. This both satisfies the regulator (Ofqual) and makes your own housekeeping “pushbutton simple”.

When you become an Approved Centre, you receive instant access to your Qualitas account, so that you can get started straight away.

The Qualitas system enables you to register learners in real time, request their certificates upon completion, arrange support visits with your EQA, and keep track of your registration fee invoices.

In addition to day-to-day management tasks, you also receive access to support documentation, including assessment templates, policies and procedures, and forms.

Copies of your EQA reports and other documentation are securely stored on the system, giving you access to them – and just about anything else – whenever you need them.

iLearn it Easy

iLearn It Easy is a learner management system without equal in the UK. It provides Centres with a customised portal through which their learners can communicate, get feedback and receive critique.

This unique web-based portal creates a secure environment and can even host peer support forums. Centres can securely deliver content through the same ‘tunnel’, generate feedback, carry out marking and conduct elements of assessment.

The iLearn it Easy system enables you to monitor your learners’ progress from start to finish. You can add digital resources and support – both in text and media forms – that learners can access from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Assessors can access learner information and complete portfolio assessments through their own dedicated login, and IQA’s can carry out both interim and summative sampling activities.

iLearn it Easy provides you with one dedicated secure portal, that gives you easy, instant 24/7/365 access to information whenever you need it.

Individually, Qualitas and iLearnitEasy are groundbreaking cutting-edge systems that seamlessly join Centres with their Learners, their Awarding Organisation and limitless resources.

Together they provide a flawless, transparent information and communication platform that effectively puts everything and everyone in the same space at the same time, wherever they may physically be located.

Such innovation creates endless possibilities with Focus Awards.
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