Steve Johnson

Chair of Governing Board

Steve has a strong background in Compliance and Risk Management. He is currently head of Oxygen Professional Risks, a leading specialist in Liability Insurance for the Psychological Professions.

An insurance broker all his working life, Steve has specialised in this field since 1988 when he and a colleague launched an unique insurance facility for members of the British Psychological Society. His foresight and leadership drove rapid service growth, which swiftly fuelled expansion into related professions, including Counselling and Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, HR, Training & Development, Coaching & Mentoring and, more recently, Mediation.

Steve has presented numerous workshops and delivered multiple seminars on Risk and Insurance in Counselling at conferences and on training courses throughout the UK. In the late 1990’s he helped establish a national forum to evaluate standards in Primary Care Counselling and Psychotherapy and is a key contributor to the BACP Professional Standards Committee.

Steve was Series Consultant and Contributor to a thought-provoking book on counselling in the digital age, Psychotherapy 2.0 Where Psychotherapy and Technology Meet, published by Routledge in April 2014.

Adrian M. Rhodes, Vice-President of the European Association for Psychotherapy said of it, “This book will stimulate many, terrify some – and open the minds of all therapists to the opportunities – and dangers – of therapy in the globalised, digitalised world. Love it or loathe it – we are all affected by it already. So let’s join the dance.”

A staunch advocate for timely intervention and risk mitigation, Steve remains at the cutting edge of innovation within the sector and is the first port of call for practitioners when issues occasionally slip out of control. He is a trusted mentor, mediator and facilitator should a complaint or a potential claim for compensation arise.s.

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