Smart Move

Ready to Make a Smart Move?

Some of our Centres have HALVED their costs on switching to us. Many have saved even more…
Staying with your current Awarding Organisation just because you think it’s too much hassle to switch makes no sense.
Don’t let your frustration and dissatisfaction become a mental health issue. Relax. Chill.
Moving to Focus Awards is frictionless and guaranteed to be ‘push-button simple’.

But Move for Smart Reasons. Here are Four:

Our industry-leading and innovative Price Plans simply don’t exist anywhere else! They help you budget, spread your costs, and even out cashflow – no more breath-taking invoices to pay in your busiest month.
Even our ‘standard’ pricing leaves other AOs in the shade. You get the best prices in the marketplace from Day One with Focus Awards and continue to save money forever!
Look forward to a sector-busting customer experience; our legendary Super-Hero Support Team is renowned for smoothing your process…and they’re great people too.
Enjoy exclusive access to our purpose-built systems, including discounted use of our VLE, which is now seamlessly integrated with our Quality system. They keep everything in one place, so you don’t have to.

Smart Move

Transfer your Awarding Organisation business to Focus Awards within the next 7 days and get FREE Centre Approval and a £250 account credit (or up to 13 certificates). Terms and conditions apply.
We’ll work as tirelessly for you as we do our other Centres. Think about it – why shouldn’t you benefit from our innovative pricing and legendary service?

Click here to start your Smart Move today…

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