Searching For The Best Awarding Body

What is an awarding body?

Focus Awards is an awarding body that is known for developing high-quality qualifications for approved centers to provide to their learners.

An awarding body will provide an approval process for independent training providers who, if they meet the criteria, are able to award qualifications that are accredited by that Focus Awards.

Qualifications endorsed under the FQP Scheme are not nationally recognized, so do not accrue credits on the RQF. Successful completion of an FQP endorsed qualification results in the issue and presentation of a ‘Focus Awards Certificate of Achievement’ that details the precise subject matter studied. Focus awards develop regulated qualifications in a wide range of subject matter areas and commercial sectors, with more than 200 currently available and more coming every week.

All of our qualifications are portfolio-based without the need for exams these have been deliberately designed that way to take away the associated learner stress and anxiety. This pioneering approach also removes costly invigilation requirements.

They have helped dozens of training providers and educational establishments get the best from their businesses by giving confidence and choice to their learners. You can rely on us to do the same for you.

The awarding body provides RQF (Regulated Qualification Framework) Qualifications result from successful completion of training programs set at a level between Entry Level (Level 1) and Level 8. They are made up of units, each of which has both a level and a credit value. For each level, there are three types of qualifications based on the number of credits allocated: Awards (1-12 credits), Certificates (13-36 credits), and Diplomas (37+ credits).

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