RQF Qualifications

What are RQF qualifications? An RQF qualification is made up of specific units, each of which carries a ‘credit’ value, that can be combined and totaled to complete a qualification. Qualifications are validated and regulated by OFQUAL, the department that oversees qualifications, exams, and tests in England and vocational qualifications in Wales and Northern Ireland. Ofqual is effectively the UK government’s ‘qualification watchdog’. If a qualification is registered on the Ofqual framework (RQF) it means your course and your award is fully recognised ‘nationally’ in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

According to a write up from https://ofqual.blog.gov.uk explaining RQF, it is stated that:

“RQF is a framework that should help people understand all the qualifications we regulate, general and vocational in England, and vocational in Northern Ireland, and how they relate to each other. Its intention is to improve consistency around how awarding organisations describe the size and challenge, or demand, of the qualifications they offer. RQF was introduced because it is important that there is still a frame of reference available now that the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) rules are no longer in operation.”

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