Focus Awards Level 2 Award in Instructing Weight Training (RQF)

Focus Awards Level 2 Award in Instructing Weight Training (RQF)

QRN – 603/3942/1                                                        Fee £31

Qualification Overview

The aim of the Focus Awards Level 2 Award in Instructing Weight Training (RQF) is to provide learners with the understanding of the role and responsibility of an Instructor in Weight Training, to identify the key aspects of the role and responsibilities related to rules, regulations, duty of care, and safe instructing practice, and to be able to prepare, deliver, and evaluate Weight Training sessions for individuals and groups. This qualification is aimed at those that wishing to gain experience in instructing weight training.

Qualification Structure

To successfully achieve this qualification, learners must complete the mandatory unit totalling 2 credits.

Learner Entry Requirements

Learners should be competent in literacy and numeracy to help with elements of communication. This is at the discretion of the centre as they may decide to use diagnostic testing methods to ascertain how they can support learners.

Progression Routes

Learners wishing to progress from this qualification can undertake the following qualifications:

Age Ranges

Learners should be a minimum of 16 years old to undertake this qualification.

Geographical Coverage

This qualification has been accredited for use in England and Northern Ireland.

Qualification Specification

To view the Qualification Specification please click here.
**Please be aware in order to deliver this qualification British Weight Lifting membership is required.**

Unit Title

Unit Ref

Level GLH Credit
Weight Training Instructing F/617/4020 2 16 3

Sports, Leisure and Recreation