Focus Awards Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Customer Service (RQF)

Focus Awards Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Customer Service (RQF)

QRN- 601/6275/2                                                        Fee £36


Qualification Overview

The Focus Awards Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Customer Service (RQF) is aimed at those learners who currently undertake a customer service role and recognises that employment in the customer service sector involves a diverse range of functions, tasks, and activities that are constantly developing and changing. This qualification is approved by the CfA as an essential component of the SASE and SASW compliant Apprenticeship frameworks for Customer Service. The Focus Awards Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Customer Service (RQF) will help to develop customer service knowledge and provide learners with a basic understanding of day-to-day interactions with customers and the importance of sensitivity, respect, effectiveness, and focus on quality. Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of:
  • The delivery of excellent customer service;
  • Communication skills in order to strengthen relationships and interactions with customers and colleagues;
  • Principles that underpin outstanding customer care; and
  • Develop and maintain key transferable skills applicable in a range of industries and sectors.

Qualification Structure

To successfully achieve this qualification, learners must achieve 8 credits from the mandatory units and 20 credits from the optional units. Candidates must select at least one unit from each optional group. A minimum of 11 credits from optional units must be at Level 2.

Learner Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this qualification but you will need to be employed in a relevant job role. There is an element of communication (discussing, presenting, reading, and writing) involved and learners should have basic skills in communication at Level 2.

Progression Routes

Learners wishing to progress from this qualification can undertake the following qualification:

Age Ranges

Entry is at the discretion of the centre; however learners should be 16 to undertake this qualification.

Geographical Coverage

This qualification has been accredited for use in England and Northern Ireland.

Qualification Specification

To view the Qualification Specification please click here.

Unit Title Unit Ref Level Credit GLH
Mandatory Units
Communicate using customer service language F/601/1609 1 30 4
Follow the rules to deliver customer service L/601/1614 2 30 4
Optional Units
Promote additional services or products to customers D/601/0936 2 40 6
Deal with incoming telephone calls from customer F/601/1223 2 33 5
Process information about customers H/601/1215 2 33 5
Make telephone calls to customers J/601/1224 2 40 6
Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation L/601/0933 2 33 5
Live up to the customer service promise M/601/1217 2 40 6
Go the extra mile in customer service M/601/1220 2 40 6
Communicate effectively with customers R/601/1212 2 33 5
Make customer service personal T/601/1218 2 40 6
Deal with customers face to face T/601/1221 2 33 5
Use customer service as a competitive tool D/601/1228 3 53 8
Organise the promotion of additional services or products to customers D/601/1231 3 47 7
Build a customer service knowledge set K/601/1233 3 47 7
Adapt your behaviour to give a good customer service impression L/601/1211 1 33 5
Maintain a positive and customer-friendly attitude R/601/1209 1 33 5
Deal with customers in writing or electronically R/601/1226 3 40 6
Optional Units 2
Deal with customers across a language divide A/601/1219 2 53 8
Use questioning techniques when delivering customer service A/601/1222 2 27 4
Deliver reliable customer service J/601/1210 2 27 5
Recognise diversity when delivering customer service K/601/1216 2 33 5
Deal with customers using bespoke software L/601/1225 2 33 5
Deliver customer service on your customers premises Y/601/1213 2 33 5
Maintain customer service through effective handover Y/601/1227 2 33


Do your job in a customer friendly way A/601/1205 1 33 5
Deliver customer service using service partnership H/601/1229 3 33 6
Improve the customer relationship H/601/1232 3 40 7
Organise the delivery of reliable customer service Y/601/1230 3 47 6
Optional Units 3
Resolve customer service problems M/601/1511 2 40 6
Deliver customer service to difficult customers T/601/1512 2 40 6
Apply risk assessment to customer service D/601/1519 3 67 10
Process customer service complaints D/601/1522 3 40 6
Monitor and solve customer service problems J/601/1515 3 40 6
Recognise and deal with customer queries, requests and problems M/601/1508 2 33 5
Take details of customer service problems T/601/1509 1 27 4
Optional Units 4
Support customer service improvements A/601/1530 2 33 5
Support customers using online customer services H/601/1540 2 33 5
Buddy a colleague to develop their customer service skills M/601/1542 2 33 5
Develop personal performance through delivering customer service R/601/1534 2 40 6
Develop your own customer service skills through self-study R/601/1548 2 40 6
Support customers using self-service technology Y/601/1549 2 33 5
Develop customer relations T/601/1526 2 40 6
Work with others to improve customer service D/601/1553 3 53 8
Promote continuous improvement H/601/1554 3 47 7
Develop your own and others customer service skills K/601/1555 3 53 8
Lead a team to improve customer service H/601/1568 3 47 7
Gather analyse and interpret customer feedback H/601/1571 3 67 10
Monitor the quality of customer service transactions T/601/1575 3 47 7