Necessary Price Increases



Focus Awards has always delivered value for money to its centres; we’ve unswervingly maintained that stance with all our Centres from our start up 8 years ago.


However, we set our prices at an introductory level at that time. They were advertised as such and have remained among the lowest anywhere in the marketplace.


As with all businesses, though, our costs have increased year-on-year. With the current ‘unprecedented’ escalating economic pressures we simply cannot continue to support our outdated pricing structure at these introductory levels any longer.


With effect from 1st October 2022, we must regrettably raise prices and fees in alignment with increases in the RPI. But despite the Office of National Statistics showing RPI as 12.3% (17/08/2022) and growing, we’ve decided to limit our price increase with our existing Centres and customers to 10% to help offset the present escalating costs of doing business.


Having re-evaluated the current marketplace and conditions and considering the introductory nature of our ‘current’ prices (which reflect our 2011 status as a ‘new’ AO), our prices to new Centres and customers must in some cases be higher than those applied to our existing customer base. We feel this is the fairest approach, so that new customers to our business are fully informed about our pricing structures from the day they join.


Our invoices from 1st October 2022 will reflect the new pricing. Should any of our Centres be experiencing financial hardship, or the price change results in them doing so, please contact us directly to discuss. Where we can help, we will.


Centres on our pricing plans will receive separate correspondence on their unique circumstances depending on the specific plan they subscribe to.


You will appreciate we haven’t taken this action lightly. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep our prices competitive.


Thanks for your support.