Higher Level Teaching Assistant

The Higher-Level Teaching Assistant FQP is intended to give you knowledge that you can use in a classroom environment. Being a teacher to children is incredibly rewarding and entertaining.    

Requirements for HLTA’s
Understanding National Occupational Standards
Supporting Child Development in School
Supportive Roles
Intellectual Development
Four Specific Areas of EYFS
Factors affecting child development
Special Educational Needs
The SEN Code of Practice 2001
Special Needs Legislation
Equality and Diversity and Inclusion
Common Types of Special Education Needs
Signs of Dyslexia
Types of Speech and Language Difficulties
Signs of Speech and Language Difficulties
Behavioural, Emotional, and Social Difficulties
Signs of Behavioural, Emotional, and Social Difficulties
Autism and Asperger Syndrome?
Signs of ASD
What is ADHD?
Signs of ADHD
Blindness and Visual Impairment
Signs of Vision Disabilities
Supporting Gifted and Talented Pupils
Working with Small Groups or with the Whole Class Without the Presence of a Class Teacher
The Importance of Self-Reflection
Developing Positive Relationships
Conflict Resolution
Providing Effective Support for Colleagues
Communicating With Children, Colleagues, Parents and Carers
Birth to 12 Months
12 to 36 Months
Three to Six Years Old
Six to 12 Years Old
12 to 18 Years Old
Encouraging Expression of Feelings
Infancy to Age Two
Ages Two to Four Years Old
Ages Four to Seven Years Old
Ages Seven to Ten Years Old
Ages 10 to 12 Years Old
Ages 13 to 14 Years Old
Confidentiality Procedures
Professional Values and Ethics
Supporting Teaching and Learning Through Play
Using Games and Music to Enhance Communication
Games to Develop Communication Skills
Behaviour Issues
Behaviour Legislation
Behaviour Policy
The Role of a HLTA in Managing Behaviour
Behaviour Patterns and Causes of Challenging Behaviour
Promoting Positive Behaviour
Curriculum, Planning and Assessment
Teaching and Learning Resources
Supporting and Promoting Learning through ICT
Components of ICT – Software
ICT in the Curriculum
Support for ICT Based Learning
Common Types of ICT Supportive Software for ICT Based Learning
Issues Surrounding ICT Use
Personal Professional Development
Teacher Training Agency

Direct Learning Support