Focus Awards Is First Past The Post. Again…

Are you as sick as we are, of moving through crowds of people who are missing what’s going on around them, all because their heads are constantly glued to their mobile phone screen?

Nobody notices what’s going on in nature anymore, and even fewer engage in real-time face-to-face conversations. Those activities are all “soooo 20th century, dahhling”…

But there’s a good side too.

Our personal communication devices give us instant gratification when we want to reach people we love or those we do business with.

However, that instant communication doesn’t seem to extend to the myriad of companies whose customer service departments we need to contact urgently.

Until now.

Focus Awards is excited to announce that our centres and customers can take advantage of a fantastic deal we’ve reached with WhatsApp For Business. You can now contact us directly in real-time through the app, available on most mobile devices. Free. No cost to you at all.

Using the service will save on call time, emails, and costs. Plus, you don’t need to be in the office! What’s not to love? Doesn’t everyone love ‘FREE’?

No need to be tied to your desk any longer or wait for a reply to your email.

Contact us through WhatsApp on 07398 139 348 and make your life “soooo much easier, dahhling.”