Focus Awards Announces Collaboration With British Weight Lifting (BWL)

Innovative and customer-focused awarding organisation, Focus Awards, is delighted to welcome prestigious client, British Weight Lifting to its roster after signing a new, exclusive contract to provide external quality assurance and the development of several exciting new regulated qualifications.

BWL to offer new focus on training

British Weight Lifting is the recognised governing body for weight lifting in the UK, creating opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.  Actively involved in Olympic Weightlifting and Para-Powerlifting disciplines, BWL delivers exceptional training programmes, educational opportunities, and competitions across a network of weight-lifting bodies in order to inspire and encourage learners to fulfill their potential.

Dedicated to creating a healthier, happier and stronger nation, BWL aims to revolutionise the way that the UK engages in weight-lifting and training activities.  BWL’s collaboration with Focus Awards is a welcome step forward in the organisation’s commitment to tackling the UK’s inactivity.  BWL CEO, Ashley Metcalfe says, “In recent years it has become abundantly clear that, when taught properly and safely, weight lifting, in all of its forms, can play an important and hugely effective role in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.

“Focus Awards is a market leader in this sector and, this partnership is really exciting and we look forward to combining our years of experience and talent.  The collaboration will provide support and expertise which will help us continue to develop a new – and broader – range of nationally recognised weight lifting and strength-focused products which are increasingly in demand by a growing and diverse market.

Bringing sport and recreational qualifications into focus

Regulated by Ofqual, Focus Awards is a leading provider of quality Nationally Recognised Vocational Qualifications in England and Northern Ireland.  With significant experience and expertise, Focus Awards is dedicated to supporting training providers and its learners on their journey towards success in areas including health and social care, legal services, transport and leisure.

Following the signing of the exclusive contract, Focus Awards is developing a bespoke range of qualifications for British Weight Lifting to help it to expand the options offered in the industry.

CEO, Joshua Cole, says “It’s an honour for us to be able to work with BWL and support them in their goal to revolutionise the way in which the people of the UK engage in weight lifting in order to tackle inactivity and obesity, both of which are on the rise.  BWL are helping to create a stronger, healthier nation – and we’re so pleased to be part of that.”

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