Do you want to know more about the Accredited Qualifications that Focus Awards offers to training providers?


You have come to the right place. Focus Awards is known as an Awarding body for Accredited Qualifications. They have a variety of subjects for training providers to deliver to their students. The Awarding body for Accredited Qualifications are regulated by OFQUAL on behalf of the government. The RQF Accredited qualifications have been developed by experts to a National Occupational Standards (NOS).The standards help schools, Colleges and learning providers to meet their learners needs.

All the qualifications that the Awarding Body for Accredited Qualifications offer are aimed at specific levels of achievements that carry out credit values that will count to other qualifications. However, there are combination restrictions.

The Awarding body for Accredited Qualifications offer a wide range of subject matters for their training providers. These qualifications range from Sports, Leisure and Recreation to Health and Social care qualifications.

The qualifications result in certification that shows the size or number of credit values these are:

  • Awards. These carry credit values of 1 to 12.


  • Certificates. These carry values of between 13 and 36 credits.


  • Diplomas. These comprise 37 credits or more. Each of these certifications will also have a difficulty indicator from 1 to 8 that equate to a Level. For example, a Level 1 Award, Level 6 Certificate, or Level 3 Diploma and so on. Level 1 is an Entry-Level qualification, while a Level 8 is equivalent to a Doctorate. The number of credits attached to a qualification gives an indication of the time the qualification might take to complete. On average, a credit will take a student or trainee around 10 hours of study to complete.

Focus Awards Level 3 Diploma Master in Gym Instructing and Personal Training (RQF) is an example combines the knowledge and skills required to work as a Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer.  Learners will cover the basics of anatomy, planning and instructing gym-based and personal training sessions, circuit sessions, strength and conditioning, outdoor fitness, exercise referral, and life coaching. Learners can also choose to complete additional units in studio cycling or advanced stretching. Learners must complete 23 units to achieve 90 credits. Further 3 – 4 credits may be obtained through the completion of Group A Planning Studio Cycling Sessions and Instructing Studio Cycling Sessions or Group B Introduction to Advanced Stretching, Advanced Stretching Techniques and Progressions and Programming and Instructing Advanced Stretching.