Child Development and Wellbeing

We have a trained Psychotherapist and two Registered Social Workers on staff, who are also well-versed in both family law and child safeguarding. So, it’s not terribly surprising that our Child Development and Wellbeing qualifications feature quite strongly across the board.

Qualifications in Safeguarding for Children, Childcare and Early Years development can also be found under our Health and Social Care sector list and many more are available.

We have developed over 200 qualifications across 11 sectors, with more than 10 directly relevant to Child Development and Wellbeing, 30 in Health and Social Care and more in Teaching and Learning and Direct Learning Support.

The list below represents the current range of qualifications offered within this sector. We always have capacity for more; see the note at the end of the list if you feel we’ve missed something…

Current Qualification List

Please check back soon or get in touch to hear about any developments we have planned for this sector.

Missing Something?

Our dedicated Qualification Development Team are constantly researching and developing new qualifications. However, there may be something you need or believe we should be offering so let us know.

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