Awarding body for recognised qualifications

Focus Awards is an Ofqual-regulated Awarding Organisation (AO), and as such is an awarding body for recognised qualifications.

Recognised qualifications in the UK appear on the government’s lists showing the Regulated Qualification Framework, or ‘RQF’. Any qualification featuring on this framework’s list is recognised nationally by employers, and by schools, colleges, universities and other education and training providers.

Recognised qualifications from awarding bodies, particularly those on the regulated qualification framework, have benefitted from structured input by employers during the qualifications’ development. This means they incorporate the skills, subject matter and knowledge employers are looking for when seeking people with those specialisations to come and work for them.

This is obviously a major benefit to jobseekers, as an awarding body offering recognised qualifications can put them in contact with educational establishments, learning providers and trainers able to deliver those specific recognised qualifications.

Educators, trainers and other people or organisations in the education and training sectors actively look for popular recognised qualifications from awarding bodies, as in many respects these are ideal for expanding their client base, effectively with government approval.

In summary, an awarding body for recognised qualifications is in a strong position to fully utilise the opportunities presented by the regulated qualification framework. The RQF effectively presents them with new clients, suppliers, benefits and staff with little, if any, encumbrance or disadvantage.

A prominent and efficient awarding body for recognised qualifications, such as Focus Awards, regulated by the UK Government’s ‘Watchdog’ or ombudsman, Ofqual, is often the best authority to approach directly when trainers, employees, entrepreneurs and investors are looking for a ready source of new business.